The Face of Panic Episode Seven

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Track list

Will Gresson + Luke Munn Six forty-seven
 The Art Ensemble Theme de Yo-Yo
 Your head is like a yoyo,
your neck is like the string,
Your body's like a camembert
oozing from its skin.

Your fanny's like two sperm whales

floating down the Seine
Your voice is like a long fart
that's music to your brain.

Your eyes are two blind eagles

that kill what they can't see
Your hands are like two shovels
digging in me.

And your love is like an oil-well

Dig, dig, dig, dig it,
On the Champs-Elysees.


Aelters Hempluscoul

Sun Ra and his Astro-Infinity Arkestra New Planet

Bauhaus Hair of the dog

Bill Hicks Positive Drug Story

Bongwater Nick Cave Dolls

The Loop Orchestra Hypnotique


"Watch 20 minutes of the first performance of my play, Inuit Time, write 200 words while watching. Then submit to be read out loud"


Guest list
Kay Brereton
Abby Ward

Barry Thomas

Anonymous political & economical observer 

Drawing Silence Dot Com, review of The Face of Panic, shows 2, 3, 4 & 5.

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